ISBN: 978-1-4251-7097-4
Fiction Mystery/Adventure
176 pages (5.5" x 8.5" format)


If it’s fast-paced action mystery you want, then Canadian author Jade Cameron has it with her debut thriller “Freedom Rider”. An exciting tale of two women riding from Canada to Argentina on a quest to free one’s husband from a grand scheme of debauchery and deportation, while rolling through some sticky situations along the way. This book was derived out of an international annual event known as the National Novel Writing Month, where a writer has the month of November to complete a literary work. Yes, folks, only one month! Jade was inspired by her recent rider status as of 2005 and newfound road experiences to zoom through this feat. And lucky for us she has a new story in the series, “Dark Riders of Oath”… coming soon!

TOP TEN - Jade Cameron's Freedom Rider #5

I always enjoy writers from different countries, and this is a good one.
Jade Cameron has written a book that will keep you entertained and reading until your finished. I liked the characters and the story, which is really about two woman, intrigued me. I tagged this book as Motorcycle fiction/Romance, but it doesn't really fit that bill. It should be tagged Motorcycle fiction/Action/Romance. This is a
good book.

Vic Shurtz.
Northern California


I finished the book last night! Wow Jade, you are a very talented lady! I really really really enjoyed it ... and towards the end couldn't put in down! Sign me up for the next one! Seriously! Thanks so much for the great read!

Cathy J.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say I loved your book. You caught my attention from the first chapter having a brother named Michael who was in a motorcycle accident 23 years ago. I loved the way you went back and forth between the characters with a twist at the end. Good job Jade! I can hardly wait to read your next book. I will pass it on for my family to read.

Cheers! Michele

Great book Jade! I read it over the weekend. Very well done for your first (that I know of) published novel. This is a great read folks. If you don't have one, GET ONE!

Cheers, Steve

Hey Jade, great book! I am finished already. So, are you going to follow up with a 2nd book? I liked it alot, it only took me a few hours to read it, once I picked it up I only put it down to grab a drink, I even ate my dinner and read it.



Many thanks to all those who helped make publishing these novels a success!

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